What is LaserFest '19?

LaserFest is a celebration of Laser sailing which combines racing and social events in a fun series for all levels of Laser sailing, for members of the Whitstable Yacht Club, Broadstairs Sailing Club and Herne Bay Sailing Club. The first LaserFest (2017) had 46 Laser sailors participating, making it instantly the largest event on the Whitstable Yacht Club calendar. 2019 will be even bigger with up to 70 Laser sailors!

When is LaserFest '19?

Broadstairs starts the series on June 2nd (a Sunday), followed by the weekend long LaserFest at WYC on July 13-14, with Hernebay SC hosting the finale on September 1st (again a Sunday). Standard, radial and 4.7 rigs are all eligible. The idea is the Laser communities of the Kent sailing clubs come together and enjoy some friendly rivalries. And for many it's a first dabble in sailing new waters!

How can I enter / register?

Go to the WHEN/WHERE page and click on the venue or venues where you’d like to sail and click ‘register’. Entry fees are paid on the day.

I’m not a member of WYC, Herne Bay or Broadstairs. Can I compete?

Laser sailors must a member of a local East Kent sailing club. Contact us to see if you’re eligible.

Do I have to sail all the races/all the clubs?

No! We encourage you to participate, even if you can only sail one race. Many sailors will do the whole series but others will sail selected dates. Some will do only one. We just want everyone to come along and have fun.

I haven’t sailed in awhile, is that OK?

Yes, don’t worry if you’re a little rusty. LaserFest is meant to be relaxed and fun, not a hyper-competitive event. There will be all levels participating - from beginner to experienced. Laser radials, standards and 4.7s are all welcome.

My boat is not ready, can you help?

Charlie at the Laser Purchase Scheme runs a not-for-profit service to help local Laser sailors get their boats up to scratch. Contact him and he can look over your boat and make recommendations. If you do need anything, he can get parts at internet equivalent prices and help you install it.

How much does it cost to enter?

LaserFest is not-for-profit, so all we need is £10 per day to help cover costs. If you pre-register for two days, the second is half price.

Can I come just for the social stuff; see the band?

Yes of course! On Saturday 13 July, come see the renowned band Squeeze Gut Alley perform a mix of rock classics and dance the night away. You must be a member of one of the three clubs however. Membership info can be found here.

Can I get involved even if I don’t sail?

Absolutely. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes volunteers needed, from safety boat personnel to shoreside logistics. Contact us to get involved.

Can I sponsor LaserFest?

If you’re interested in connecting your brand with Laser sailors, LaserFest is a unique opportunity. Contact us for sponsorship information.

Is there a LaserFest mascot?

Yes, Arthur The Dog is the official mascot of LaserFest18. He’s a big fan of chew toys, cheese and Lasers.

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