About LaserFest

LaserFest is now officially the largest Laser Sailing event in the UK. It's a celebration of Laser sailing which combines racing, music and beer (lots of it) in a fun series for all levels, run by members of the Whitstable Yacht ClubStandard, Radial and 4.7 rigs are all eligible.  Sailors are welcome to compete in all the races or just one. Competition will be at all levels, from hot-shots to regular club sailors and cadets.

The LaserFest Story

 Back in 2017, over a few beers at Whitstable Yacht Club, laser sailors Steve 'Grey Ghost' Gray, Pete 'Pukka' Gowing, Mike 'Cap'n' Oliver and Paul 'pk' Kelly came up with an idea to get more laser sailors on the water (okay, it was Steve's idea, but we're grabbing credit). LaserFest was born and that year we had our first LaserFest. Three years later, LaserFest has grown from a small club event to the largest Laser Sailing club race in Britain. respect.

If you're interested in club membership, please click here. We're always looking for Laser sailors to join us!